7 Paid Search Campaign Optimization Strategies for This Year

7 Paid Search Campaign Optimization Strategies for This Year

Each year marketers find new ways to optimize paid search campaigns to create better user experiences and campaign results. The following are 7 paid search optimization strategies for 2015.

Use callout extensions

Google introduced callout extensions in 2014, allotting for more text displayed in ads. It allowed three new messages to be added with up to 25 characters each. This extra ad copy gives advertisers the opportunity to tell the audience more about the brand or products.

Bid Strategies

Six bid strategies can be used to run an effective AdWords campaign. Strategies can be applied to specific campaigns, keywords, or ad groups. Here are those flexible bid strategies:

  • maximizing clicks
  • enhancing CPC
  • targeting Search Page Location
  • targeting CPA
  • targeting ROAS
  • targeting outranking share

Add a custom affinity audience

The Google Display Network introduced Custom Affinity Audience in 2014, designed to improve follower engagement. This feature allows you to attribute a variety of sites and interests to ideal customers. It helps sharpen your target audience in your campaigns.

Make ads engaging

Engagement ads are becoming common with advertisers in the Google Display Network. These ads let you click a box to create a more engaging experience, making the ad shoppable in a PLA format. Another big advantage to using engagement ads is that they are cross-platform and can be displayed on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Track specific ad performances

Before adding a new layer to your ad, it’s advantageous to track the performance of individual tactics. It helps you understand which components of your campaign are working well.

Use extensive A/B testing

The more A/B testing you do in general, the more you will learn about your advertising possibilities. Make sure you do plenty of ad testing before launching a large-scale campaign that requires a significant budget.

Analyze your data with an open mind

Too many people jump to conclusions about data since it’s so easy to do when reviewing a wide array of Analytics. Consider that specific strategies may not work right away until a certain amount of tweaking is done.

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