Google Tests New Mobile Interface: Last Week in Search & Social

We are back with our #GMRWT weekly Search & Social roundup of the headlines that made news last week in search marketing, analytics and social media. It seemed like the last week focused mainly on how to improve the mobile experience better.

Scroll down for your bite of news that you might have missed last week.

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15 Amazing Tools for a Better Competitive Analysis

15 Amazing Tools for a Better Competitive Analysis

Why should a business conduct competitive analysis?

Poor firms ignore their competitors; average firms copy their competitors; winning firms lead their competitors. –Philip Kotler

This wonderful quote by marketing Guru Philip Kotler says it all. Gathering competitive intelligence has always been a serious marketing tactics, only it has evolved over time. The whole process is an opportunity to peek on your competitors marketing strategy, their strength and weakness so you can leverage it and come up with a better and improved plan.

There are a number of marketing tools out there which can help you scoop out the information about what your rival is doing exactly and this post lists 19 most popular of those. [Read more…]

Do’s and Don’ts for Avoiding a Google Penalty [Infographic]

As long as your website is providing value to your visitors or online customers and you aren’t using any shady black hat techniques to do that, you won’t have to worry about Google Penalty. But on the other hand, if you are using SEO techniques which are against Google guidelines, your site may not be so lucky to avoid a penalty.

In order to avoid a Google Penalty, you need to keep yourself abreast of Google’s guidelines as well as keep a site check to avoid using shady black hat SEO techniques. To get a better overview of this, check out this infographic from Neil’s Patel blog that shows how to protect your site from penalizing following ditching the shady stuff. [Read more…]

6 Tips to Turn Your Customers Into Most Vocal Advocates of Your Company

6 Tips to Turn Your Customers Into Most Vocal Advocates of Your Company

If you’re a small business owner you know how important customer acquisition and retention really are to the health and growth of your company. Obviously you need new customers to help you expand, but if you don’t keep the customers you already have happy you’re not going to be able to sustain your business without a major marketing push – something you likely can’t afford. [Read more…]

7 Tips for Effective Marketing on Social Media for Your Small Business

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

Social media marketing can be an extremely effective tool for small businesses because it provides you with the opportunity to expand your marketing reach to a global audience. Many people are now using social media for much more than communicating with family and friends; they are using it as a barometer for evaluating consumer decisions, collecting data, comparing options, and making purchases.  Here are seven tips to help you make your social media marketing strategies more effective and successful. [Read more…]